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Quite the Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. The pot roast, done with garlic, red wine, red potatoes, Vidalia onions, carrots, and garlic, turned out better than either P or I had expected. The mashed potatoes were good; perhaps not as smooth and extruded-looking as some folks' might be, but it was extremely rich and had sizable quantities of garlic. The brie with macadamia nuts in puff pastry didn't turn out quite as well, but that's okay since there was plenty of cheese and garlic bread to nibble on; cornbread stuffing with hot Italian sausage and hazelnuts also fell short of optimum -it was a bit too dry and probably could have used a few hours inside a turkey, but that wasn't an option. Dessert was apple tart done with Macintosh apples, which we almost didn't get into since we were so stuffed from everything else. Neither of us even wanted to think about pie.

Was going to go out and mail stuff to customers, but the coupon I have from Staples is no good until tomorrow, so I think I'll just pass on Black Friday. In my straitened circumstances, I shouldn't be hanging out in stores anyway; I'd just be impeding the efforts of the Retail Support Brigade.
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