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Turkey Day without the turkey

Heading out to P's in a bit, once I've showered and loaded all the stuff into the Kia for the long drive to Ashburn. Hopefully the seat will hold up. This year we're doing pot roast in lieu of the traditional bird, because she's burned out on turkey and I don't care for any of the other poultry options. I roasted mine last night and am pretty sure I committed several of these common mistakes, but it was good nonetheless, and now I have about ten pounds of leftover turkey. :)

Shopping was a pain in the ass last night, which I guess was predictable because 1)I went to Shoppers Food Warehouse and 2) it was the night before Thanksgiving. I finished most of the shopping there, but I really should have gone to the nearby Giant, which was practically deserted but had the hazelnuts (filberts) that neither Harris Teeter (!) nor Shoppers had except in the bulk mixed nut bins. And I wasn't going to root through those for a couple pounds of hazelnuts. I do have to pick up a small roasting pan on the way out to Ashburn, but that's life.

As food for thought on this Thanksgiving, I leave you with the perennial essays from the Wall Street Journal: The Desolate Wilderness and The Fair Land
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