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the jaws that bite, the claws that catch

Spent about half an hour on the phone with Wells Fargo HR and investment people unsnarling the mess made when I didn't get my 1099-Bs from 2007. Not their fault; I was moving from Bloomington to a PO box in Chantilly to the new burrow in Alexandria, and it looks like the forms got forwarded to the PO box after I'd abandoned it. Anyhow, the extra $10K that the IRS thinks I earned are, as I assumed, from the PartnerShares "option" transactions, and the income & taxes for those were all shown on my W-2 for that year. Unfortunately, since I didn't have the 1099-B's from the investments crew, I didn't know to file a Schedule D which would have shown the sale of the $10K in stock for the profit I showed on the W-2s, so the IRS thinks I owe an extra $2500 tax. Sod that. When I get the forms, I'll have to file an amendment to my 2007 returns, but that's okay. Just so long as I don't have to fork over money I don't have to the revenooers.

Got a really late start today because I did something horribly dumb - was tweaking the Kasserine Pass scenario (for Operational Art of War) into more of a Cold War/alt-history Crusader scenario with Americans, Canadians, French and Spanish against Soviet-armed Caliphate types. Took forever to fix proficiency and readiness levels, and I didn't get to bed until 0600. Ugh. Fun scenario, though. Next I'll have to tweak it and add air units and ADA. After that - Sharon of El Alamein? :)
Tags: domestic stuff, wargames
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