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Well, thank God that's over.

At this point, anyone that can do the math can see that W's going to be around for four more years, this time with an actual majority in the popular vote to go with a solid win in the Electoral College. It's not a win on the scale of Bush/Dukakis or Reagan/Mondale, but it's a clear win and ought to put an end to the "selected not elected" noise.

Personally, I don't feel like gloating (Will Collier has that more than adequately covered) but it does seem to me that the Democrats need to step back and re-evaluate their love affair with the politics of hate. Some of them seem to be doing that already - Barack Obama looks and sounds remarkably moderate, a fellow I might could have voted for if I lived down in Illinois. That's for them to sort out, though. One good start would be to look around at the Republicans you know and realize that they are, in fact, fairly typical of the party, which is not in fact made up mostly of Nazis, Klan members and theocrats.

I see that Cobb is calling bullshit on the folks complaining about the GOP trying to suppress black turnout, and offering a reward for any proof of same. I'll bet nobody takes him up on his offer.
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