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well, that didn't work too well either

So P made chili last night at her place, using the last of Mom's peppers, but it didn't turn out quite as hot as we'd been hoping. There was speculation as to whether it hadn't been simmered long enough or whether the peppers were just too old, but it was kind of bootless. Consensus was that it was certainly tasty, but lacked zap. P was also not pleased with the black beans that he'd served up in lieu of the usual kidney beans, which she was out of.

The trip home was a bit of a pain. I missed the connection to the 28B bus at West Falls Church that would have dropped me off on Seminary for a stroll downhill on Jordan, and wound up taking the Metro all the way around to King Street, where I caught the AT8 bus down Duke to Jordan. It wouldn't have been that big a deal, but in addition to the library's copy of Fleet of Worlds I was lugging a second-hand Samsung flat-panel display that P had given me along with all the cords and cables. It wasn't that heavy, but it was kind of awkward, and my shoulders were a tad sore this morning.

Today's experiment in chili-making involved the crockpot, twelve arbol peppers, and a pound of 85% lean ground beef. Results were even more disappointing than last night's, despite simmering for 3-4 hours. :(

Spent most of the day playing EVE, doing laundry, and otherwise wasting time on the Internets.
Tags: family drama, food, tech stuff
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