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another crappy day in the promised land

No sub assignment, no temp work either. I did get called by an agency which apparently has me in mind for a couple of temp-to-perm positions, and we'll see how that works out. (I'd like to at least get the $1.25 I spent on parking back.) Also got my stuffed Kid Bean in the mail from Hanover, which is cute and cheered me up a little when I got back from the agency in-processing.

Was going to do Hammerbee stuff tonight in EVE, but all the roles I had yesterday went away overnight and nobody who could grant them was online. Lost interest and logged out.

Mildly pleased that I was still pretty competent with QuickBooks after not touching it in a year and a half, maybe more.

Other than this, life continues to be annoying & dull thanks to unemployment.
Tags: eve, work
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