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This baseball thing

I've been continuing to think about a separate baseball blog, although the reaction of my friends has ranged from apathy (the majority) to opposition from some folks who follow the LJ on Google Reader and are overwhelmed with stuff they follow already.

There's a lot of people who write about baseball out there, some of them extremely learned and good writers besides, some of them not so much. I was pretty good for a while in my own particular niche of baseball for a few years, but looking back on it, I worked pretty damn hard to get there. Launching the Rebel Baseball Review in 1995 came only after I'd been marinating myself for seven years in the history of baseball, sabermetrics, and about a hundred major league games a season, which gave me a foundation to build on when I went forth to write about the independent baseball leagues in a way that nobody else was doing. The RBR was very good to me, although it ended badly, and its end was one of the things that gets in the way of me getting back into the baseball writing business: I owe someone about half a grand for web hosting and don't really think I should be launching another website before paying off that debt. Ironically, relaunching the RBR would give me a way to raise money and pay off that debt. Maybe I just need someone to hit me with a cluebat.

Anyhow...I've been using the (unfortunately copious) time on my hands to get caught up, figure out who the hell all these players are that are on the major league rosters, and scope out the shifting landscape of minor league baseball - both the farm systems and the independents. I'm arguably in a better place to write about the minors than I was: there are two independent league teams not too far from here, in different leagues, and even though it's been a decade since I laid down my pen at the RBR, I think some of the people I used to exchange e-mails with in the league offices will remember me. I'll probably launch the site again in the New Year, if I decide to do it.
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