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There's a revolution calling

I went in and voted this morning before going to work, which made me half an hour late, but it's excused by law, so no worries. I also gave Melody a lift to the polls and back along with a briefing on how to fill out the ballot (she blew off the primaries) and other procedural stuff. She also explained to me why she wasn't voting for the President, and although I think her premises are screwed, at least I know she put some thought into it and isn't just parroting a bunch of BS she heard somewhere else.

As for the rest of you, in the unlikely event that you haven't made your minds up yet...

I don't expect anyone else to vote for W for the same reasons I am; they are intensely personal reasons and probably don't apply to very many other people I know in these parts. That having been said, there are some very good reasons to vote for the President.

The war has gone well. We have liberated Afghanistan from the Taliban and Iraq from Saddam Hussein, and done so with remarkably few casualties. I think the proof of the pudding is that the troops think he's doing a good job. Note how the numbers improve for Reservists and Guardsmen who have been activated for over 60 days since 9/11.

We have also done this while involving most of the nations that fought alongside us in the first Gulf War, the salient exceptions being France and Germany - and it would appear that they, along with Russia, were bought off by Saddam Hussein through the massively corrupt Oil for Food program, or UNScam, as it has been often called. Aside from Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya has surrendered its WMD for fear of being next on the list, and Al-Qaeda has been largely decapitated and deprived of bases. There have been no terrorist attacks since 9/11 and many arrests & convictions of wannabes here in the States. North Korea no longer gets anything for pretending to comply with a treaty they've openly broken, and are getting leaned on by their neighbors, not just us.

The economy has been improving despite the war and the deficits. People are going back to work and/or opening new businesses. More blacks and Hispanics own their own homes than at any other time in our nation's history, and more of them are in the middle class, ditto.

I could go on for pages, but Mitch Berg does a better job of it.

Go vote. Remember 9/11, but think about the candidates and where they stand on the important issue. Remember that after establishing justice and insuring domestic tranquility, the Constitution tasks the government to "provide for the common defence." Choose wisely, not just for yourself but for all your countrymen.
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