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hiking hither and yon

Man, I've been doing a lot of walking these last couple of days. Marched up the hill to the management office to pay the rent, came back to the apartment and collapsed for a while, and after dinner went out to the Alexandria City Republican Committee meeting by bus, which involved a couple of blocks' walk between bus routes.

Wow...it was almost a flashback to RPM* days in District 61. On the other hand, both of our Republican/Independent city council members were there, and everyone was really pumped on account of the big wins on Tuesday. Both the candidates for delegate were there as well and got standing ovations for their efforts; Sasha Gong in particular got enthusiastic cheers after delivering an impromptu two-minute speech in which she called out the Democrats for being a bunch of racists. Some things never change. I put my name on the committee's e-mail list and will probably wind up being the precinct captain for Foxchase, which like most precincts with apartment complexes has a lot of turnover. It'll get me out of the basement and also get me face time with people, which is two good things at once.

Aside from that, I finally got my ID number from the ACPS** and got set up on the assignment system. Nothing out there yet, but I'll be diligent about checking the website. It's flu season, after all.

*Republican Party of Minnesota
**Alexandria City Public Schools
Tags: local politics, teaching
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