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Emptying the bookshelves

As a follow-on to the previous post, here's a list of books I've culled from the library, either because they're duplicates or I don't need/want them around any more:

Adkin, Mark The Sharpe Companion TPB 3.99
Anderson, Poul Tau Zero PB 4.99
Asprin, Robert Phule's Company PB 0.75
Brunner, John The Sheep Look Up HB 4.99
Cherryh, C.J. Merchanter's Luck PB 1.99
Cherryh, C.J. Rimrunners PB 0.99
Daley, Brian The Doomfarers of Coramonde PB 1.99
Drake, David From The Heart of Darkness PB 2.99
Drake, David The General PB 2.99
Drake, David The Hammer PB 1.99
Drake, David The Anvil PB 2.99
Drake, David The Sword PB 1.89
Ellison, Harlan Alone Against Tomorrow HB 8.99
Ellison, Harlan Dangerous Visions PB 4.99
Ellison, Harlan Partners In Wonder PB 1.99

Farmer, Philip Jose To Your Scattered Bodies Go PB 0.75 (2 copies, 2nd @4.99)
Foster, Alan Dean The Man Who Used The Universe HB 1.69
Gear, W. Michael Starstrike PB 0.75
Katsura, Masakazu Video Girl Ai #1: Preproduction TPB 3.99
Katsura, Masakazu Video Girl Ai #2: Mix Down TPB 3.99
Katsura, Masakazu Video Girl Ai #3: Recall TPB 3.99
Le Guin, Ursula K. The Left Hand of Darkness PB 1.53
Mitchell, Kirk Cry Republic PB 2.99
Newcomb, Robert The Gates of Dawn TPB 2.99
Piper, H. Beam Uller Uprising PB 0.75
Robinson, Spider Callahan's Crosstime Saloon PB 1.49
Saul, John Right Hand of Evil HB 6.99
Shaw, Bob Who Goes Here? PB 1.99
Silverberg, Robert Dying Inside PB 0.75
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Silmarillion HB 1.69
Van Vogt, A.E. The Weapon Shops of Isher PB 3.49 (Ace 1961 edition)
Van Vogt, A.E. The Players of Null-A PB 4.99
Weber, David Flag In Exile PB 0.75
Williamson, Jack The Humanoid Touch HB 1.99
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