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*rattles tin cup*

I hate to do this, but as Poul Anderson's characters were fond of saying, "Needs must when the devil drives."

After five months of unemployment, I'm at the end of my rope with my former employers, who hold the note on my Kia Sportage, sometimes known as the Brave Little Toaster. Because of my persistent unemployed status, I've gotten behind on the payments, and they've decided that if they don't get a payment by Friday, they're going to call out the boys with the hook, and I'll be left without wheels. Which will make it damn near impossible to work as a substitute teacher here in Alexandria, much less in Fairfax County or Arlington.

I'm not going to ask anyone to step up for the whole payment. Times are tough, people are scratching to meet their own bills, and even if they weren't, two hundred bucks is a lot of money at the best of times. What I am going to ask is that you visit my book store at half.com, see if there's something you like there, and buy it. (There's a bunch of newly-surplus SF and manga, including some vintage Harlan Ellison, being added.) If there's nothing there that catches your fancy, or you just want to contribute, here's a PayPal donation button:

All money received will be dedicated to the Toaster Preservation Fund, which only needs $119.
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