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two more weeks of "fun with your GI tract"

Went to the VA yesterday, where the doctor was pleased with the progress of the leg ulcers, not so pleased that the antibiotics had been under-supplied. He had the medical students apply a Profore dressing to the still-draining right leg wound (which made for an annoying drive home) and expedited the issue of the replacement antibiotics, so now I have two weeks' worth of Clindamycin, which I'm supposed to gobble every six hours. Considering how hard this stuff was kicking my butt when I was only taking nine a day, I'm not looking forward to feeling how this is going to go when I'm taking twelve a day. Good thing I restocked on cheese, bananas, and toilet paper (with P's help) yesterday. Also finally received my VA sunglasses, just in time for the overcast to return for the weekend. :V

In other news, the Angels hung on to defeat the hated Yankees last night. At least half my enjoyment came from the game day thread in SAS. Squirm, Yankee fans, squirm! :D

Speaking of the antibiotics, it's about that time. I believe it's called "breakfast".
Tags: baseball, medical stuff
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