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may the wind take your troubles away

Since therevdrnye's visit on Sunday I've been leafing through my Twilight:2000 modules and manuals, thinking idly about how things have changed since the books were originally written, and wondering in an offhand manner about how things would change if you kicked the messy end of the Cold War down the road to 2017. The original problem that sucks the world into war could still be a Sino-Soviet war (honestly, does anyone think the current regime in Moscow differs from the old CCCP in anything but the name?) but the reunification of Germany is already a done deal...well, I'll look into the Twilight 3.0 version a little more and see what I think, though I have my own notions. One thing's for sure...an America in the wake of a limited nuclear exchange would be an extremely interesting place. Too interesting for me.
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