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Mixed emotions

Well, the Twins lost to the Yankees 7-2, partially because the Yankees are just that good and partially because Ron Gardenhire is a retard who doesn't get that it's better to start Gomez and Span in center and right while DH'ing Kubel than to have Span and Kubel in the outfield and some random infielder playing DH. Honestly, how hard is this to figure out? Elsewhere, the Phillies whipped the Rockies 5-1 and the Dodgers beat the Cardinals, which is the part that gives me mixed emotions because honestly, I want California to fall into the ocean and destroy both of those goddamn teams. I suppose I hate the Dodgers a little less this year since the overrated Tony LaRussa (did you know he has a law degree? Yes, Tim, now STFU) is managing the Cards and I've hated him with a white-hot passion ever since his days with the A's.

No time to blather on and on about this, though; huladavid will be arriving in town around 1-ish, and I need to make myself and this apartment more presentable before he arrives.
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