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TWINS WIN! (oh god the Yankees game is at 1800 tomorrow)

Aaron Gleeman:  This is a helluva game, but the managers have both made some very questionable decisions.

Judging from the liveblog of the game at Aaron Gleeman's joint, I guess i should be grateful that I couldn't hear the TBS announcers, especially Chip Caray's NC-17 play by play. (Nobody should use "fisted" that much outside of pr0n. Nobody.) Apparently TBS hasn't changed much since the last time I scored a Braves game; they still run 40 million ads for whatever show they're promoting, and they still don't show you a handy graphic of who's up, what they did last time, and where they're playing. Which, as I recall, both Fox and MSC were consistently good at. Anyway, this made it difficult to follow pitcher changes and player substitutions, and since both Ron Gardenhire and Jim Leyland are wetbrained micromanagers and "small ball" enthusiasts, there were many of these. It didn't help that I was using a trial version of ScorePAD for the Palm, whose default setting appears to be for NL rosters and gave me no end of trouble in the later innings when it flat out refused to allow me to change pitchers. Well, at least it kept my hands busy with something besides eating.

The game itself was pretty damn exciting, although for a few innings it looked like rookie Rick Porcello was going to make it an early night for the Twinkies. One error by Porcello and three dingers later, it was all tied up, and the Tigers and Twins kept battling back until Carlos Gomez, Delmon Young, and Alexi Casilla got to Tigers closer Fernando Rodney for the winning run in the bottom of the twelfth. To be honest, part of the excitement came from the fact that half of each team's lineup was loaded with scrappy infielders who couldn't get on base or drive other runners in, and another part came from the poor defense of the Tigers, who acted like they hadn't played indoors on turf before. It reminded me, in a way, of the 1987 ALCS, when the Twins defeated the all-offense, no-defense Tigers to win the pennant. As mentioned above, Gardenhire and Leyland made a lot of dumb decisions with regard to lineups, substitutions, and pitching changes, but to cover those in detail would be pointless and cruel; if you really want the ugly details, look at the live blog. Urgh.

Memo to self: remember that when you are drinking Diet Coke at the bar, you need to let the bartender know when you are switching to water. They're not psychic. Yup, I'm probably going to be up until 0400. Again. :(
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