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A day in the trenches

Pretty uneventful day. Woke up at 9 after resetting the alarm before bedtime and staying up to catch the first hour of the Rootman, and then reset it for another couple hours of sleep. This may be the last time for a few days that I get more than six hours of sleep, what with classes and everything. Melody and Scott decided not to go in and have pancakes with her mother, so that left me free to go about my business, which I did.

Found a used HB copy of Settling Accounts, the fourth novel in Harry Turtledove's alternate history in which the South manages to win free in the original Secession War but loses big when it joins England and France in the First World War. The Second World War has started, and the CSA is looking a lot like Nazi Germany. Good read so far. Also found a used copy of Gasaraki, which is supposed to be good; at any rate, it has Monica Rial doing some of the dub work on it.

So I started Settling Accounts while doing lunch at Chipotle, which has a BOGO election reward: buy a burrito on 10/31, save the receipt, show proof of voting on 11/2 and get one free. Nice. After finishing the burrito, I returned the DVDs to Video Universe, got more to replace those, and then parked myself at Caribou Coffee to kill time until I had to start my shift of calling for the Bush/Cheney campiagn at 4.

That went surprisingly quickly and very well, which I suppose was a gimme since I was calling in Bloomington and that city tends to elect Republicans to most offices. I suspect Randy Elledge is praying for the President to have major coattails, since he seems to have a reputation as somewhat of a loony - or so I was told by a couple of folks I called when I exhorted them to vote not only for the President but for Congressman Ramstad and their local Minnesota House candidate. So it's been an okay day, but I'm going to crash soon so I'll be well-rested for class tomorrow.
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