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Sudden-death playoff!

Am going out shortly to return library books and (hopefully) find the Twins-Tigers game showing at the local bar. I'd originally planned to just hole up at home, do a little cleaning before huladavid gets here, and rest my poor abused leg, but the pull of baseball fandom is strong.
And speaking of that leg...

I need to quit being so damn lazy and change the damn bandages when they need to be changed. This is so stupid and obvious that I shouldn't have to remind myself about it, but I did some dumb things Friday night that just snowballed on Saturday to the point where things seemed to be genuinely getting out of hand. I mean, I had a BG over 300, and neither the lack of sleep nor a stop at Shilla explains that all by itself. I had thought I was handling the lack of NPH insulin OK by using the R insulin to stomp on "bad" (120+) BG readings at all meals, but evidently I missed a needle or two somewhere along the line, and, well, the bacteria never sleep. I finally got around to changing bandages last night and it was every bit as awful as you can imagine. I used up a lot of wound cleanser and gauze and managed to avoid hurling - as foul as it was, it didn't compare to baby poop.

So I've been trying to take it easy, trying to sleep as much as I can and be horizontal ditto, and now that I have NPH again it's easier to get the BG back under control. Now that that is happening, the leg is responding too, and hopefully when I go into the vascular lab on Thursday they'll poke the right leg and either tell me to keep on doing what I'm doing or give me some antibiotics. I'll manage either way.

I find myself getting back into the sabermetric end of baseball again, and wishing I'd indulged myself in the STATS Major League Handbook for 2008 last fall. It's frustrating looking at all these players and having no idea who the hell they are, where they've been and what they've done. It's not so bad with the Twins, of course, since Aaron Gleeman has kept me posted on those, but I haven't found a comparable website for the Nationals yet. Maybe I'll have to start one.
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