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Up way too late and had way too many Diet Cokes last night at the pre-reunion get-together in Greenbelt, but it was good times. Lots of folks I hadn't seen in 30+ years, lots of people from the class of '79 who remembered me for one reason or another, lots of good conversation and some interesting pix which will probably be posted o FB since LJ's picture galleries blow chunks.

All that Diet Coke made for painful burning leg wounds and not nearly enough sleep. I figure I got a little less than four hours before getting up, throwing on random clothes & damp socks, and rolling out to score a McBreakfast before doing the Foreign Service Officer Test, formerly known as the Foreign Service Exam. I signed an NDA so i can't really talk about it, but I'm fairly confident that I whipped that sucker and whipped it good. Here's hoping the folks in Foggy Bottom agree and hire my unemployed (but very very learned & experienced) ass for satisfying amounts of good old $$$,

Anyway, the test having been polished off in 90 minutes and a celebratory munch at Shilla consumed, I'm going back to bed and get a nap in before I do the laundry thing, after which I will do the picnic thing, and then I'll probably come home and collapse.
Tags: foreign policy wonkery, friends
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