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The Death Blimp

Attack of the Death Blimp. (Moe Lane)

Elsewhere, the Nats edged the Braves and the Twins whaled on the Tigers 8-3. The Braves game is especially satisfying; if you can't contend, you can always spoil someone else's run for the playoffs. :)

Spent the bulk of the day hanging out with P. We did lunch at Clyde's over by the ACPS offices, and I have to say that if you're only going to eat one meal a day you should eat it at Clyde's*. I'm not a locovore by any stretch of the imagination (my taste buds were permanently damaged in the Cold War) but Clyde's does a damn fine job of finding fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and other food specific to an area and making good use of them in its ever-changing menu. After doing a quite excellent lunch, we staggered off to Fort Ward, which had been restored in 1963 and has a rather spiffy little museum outside the battlements. We then chilled out at the Starbucks off Beauregard and did a brief drive-through of Ben Brenman Park, which is rather nice.

Didn't get much else done today, but it was a good break in the daily routine and got me some exercise, which is a Good Thing.

*If you can afford to. Place ain't cheap.
Tags: baseball, family drama, laffo
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