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bullet dodged, paperwork filed, music downloaded

Managed to mislay the PIN number I need for filing the weekly unemployment claim this morning, which made for some unnecessary excitement (and some much-needed sorting & pitching things out) until I eventually found the missing document hiding under my keyboard. This time I copied the number into a file on Winbox, which file will doubtless become corrupt or something between now and next Monday. In other stupidity, I managed to run out of my N-type insulin, so I'll be getting by on the fast-acting R stuff until the refill arrives from the VA. Fortunately USCF has a very informative page on figuring out what your daily insulin intake should be, and after studying this I think I have a good idea what I need to be shooting up a couple times a day. We'll find out.

So far I have four (small) boxes of books at various stages of being packed up, and hope to get a couple more done this week. My niece has apparently run through the anime I loaned her and is noodging me about coming over and exchanging cleaning for anime, which would be a Good Thing. One way or the other, I'm hoping to get most of the boxes out of the living room before huladavid arrives in ten days or so.

Watched The Dirty Dozen last night, which as I remarked here is very different from the book but an excellent movie of its type. It's kind of sad that we don't see too many movies like this any more, with large all-star ensemble casts, I think. Also kind of weird to see Ernest Borgnine as a relatively young man, in the role of the general in charge of the project...for that matter, there's a lot of guys in that cast who are dead now. Lee Marvin, for example.

I'm still not sure what to think about Sewer, Gas, and Electric, which is one baroque, weird-ass novel from one end to the other. All manner of improbable characters (including Ayn Rand, a 160-year old female Civil War vet, various Electric Negroes, etc, etc.), cockamamie plots, insane AIs, crazy people, suicide missions into the New York sewers, and Walter Cronkite as a renegade blimp driver all rolled together into something that easily cracks the top ten of Weird SF Novels. Reading it was kind of a struggle, and at the end of it all I'm still not sure I get what was supposed to be going on. Probably the closest analog to this book are the Illuminatus! novels by Robert Anton Wilson, which I haven't read, but from all reports are pretty wacky.

Aaron Static has a new Power Hour out. You should go download it, if you like this sort of thing, and I know some of you do.
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