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An icon meme for your diversion

Icon meme from revolutionaryjo:


01; Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.

02; Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

Keywords: Get the message

I don't use this so much any more. It used to be my standard icon for political posts or ranting about the culture, and was shooped by phoenixalpha at my request. Obviously derived from a Shojo Kakumei Utena second season screenshot, which I think I got from utenaicons.

Keywords: The General

Another one that I don't use much any more, if at all. Back when I was chairing Anime Detour, this was the icon for AD posts. It's a portrait of Douglas MacArthur, who also accomplished some amazing things in his old age while not playing well with others and being quirky in a sort of Victorian Age way. I've always admired MacArthur, who quite aside from his battlefield exploits in both World Wars basically reforged Japan's government after WW2 and earned their gratitude. He may be the one thing Japanese and Koreans agree on. That's how awesome he is. :)

Keywords: unhappy

One of several icons ganked from potterpuffs. I suppose I could have used Eeyore as my "I am sad" icon, but at the time I was very into the Harry Potter novels, it was becoming more obvious that Snape was a tragic figure and not the sadistic asshole he'd originally appeared to be, and, well, there you are.

Keywords: mountie

Ganked with permission from revolutionaryjo, I used this to spotlight a post about how the RCMP had been asked to do too much with too little for too long. Later, it was used for other posts about the Old Country as well. Picked because I'm a Due South fan from way back, and it kinda fit the Macleans story even if there was no gay. FWIW, I read the Annie Proulx short story, which was pretty good, but avoided the movie partially because it was so so trendy and partially because they changed it from the story in ways I didn't agree with. Ambiguity has its place.

Keywords: Space Jew!

Default icon for posting about all things EVE, the internet spaceships MMORPG that I probably spend way too much time on. The icon is derived from some Goonfleet art somewhere, and is a crossbreed of the bog standard cigar-smoking fatbee that is Goonfleet's symbol and some of the more obvious Hasidic visual tropes. This suits me more than the EW Bee, because I actually spend most of my time jewing it up (shooting NPC pirates, selling loot & salvage, and making ammo out of melted loot for sale to other Goons) than I do going out and fighting Goonfleet's many enemies. Additional irony comes from the fact that I do in fact have some Jewish ancestry on my mother's side. :)

Keywords: Original Content

Ganked from /b/, I think, or maybe the Encyclopedia Dramatica. Occasionally used on the rare occasions when I post something original on the site as opposed to reviews, slice of life crap, or comments on things other people are doing. I know it's Old Meme, and I don't care, for I, too, am gayold.
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