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They're in good shape, actually. No sugar-induced degeneration, no cataracts, none of that stuff. They're just as good as they were when I had them checked back in May of 2007. The VA is even going to cut me a set of replacement shades so I can keep them in good shape, too. Not Polaroids, but beggars can't be choosers. (Besides, Murphy being the jovial fellow he is, I expect my old shades will show up right after the new ones arrive.) Unfortunately neither of the friends I called were free for lunch today or tomorrow, but them's the breaks. Also unfortunately, the atropine they dripped into my eyes didn't wear off for about six hours, which made the bus ride home unpleasant and using white-background screens a tad painful.

Going to head out in an hour or so (once the sun is further down) to get my head sheared and some groceries, since the cupboard is a bit bare at the moment. Probably going to watch more Dollhouse tonight since the Nationals are likely to get clubbed like baby seals again by the Dodgers, and I've had enough pain already.

I also signed up for the new LJ/Google AdSense option. Be interesting to see how it works and if it actually brings in any coin, significant or otherwise.
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