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another Tuesday

Got some stuff done online today, but otherwise wasn't too productive. Legs have been hurting pretty much all day, and I hope this is an indication that they're doing some healing. I did notice less weeping from some areas on the right leg that had been doing so yesterday, so we'll see. Got an eye appointment tomorrow morning and then Thursday it's back to the vascular clinic. Speaking of which, the Profore bandages they didn't have at the pharmacy last week still haven't showed up, but they did send me 4000 gauze sponges and a couple rolls of 2" tape.

Nats got massacred by the Dodgers tonight 16-2, and my Dukes are doing only slightly better since Wakefield's return from the DL was less than epic.

Been reading a lot of old stuff out of the boxes recovered from the house, most recently A Spaceship for the King and Poul Anderson's Agent of the Terran Empire. There's another series of tales that would make an awesome anime series, but I don't expect to see it in my lifetime. Currently reading Sister Time by John Ringo.

Have to get up at 0600 to wring out my legs before heading off to the VA hospital downtown; since it's "payday" tomorrow and driving there in the Sportage through the AM rush would be MADNESS, I'm taking the Metro. So I probably won't get anything else done all day. :(