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Oh, man...

Watched my second episode of Dollhouse, "Spy In The House of Love" tonight, and have decided I'm going to have to get the first season DVD. Mind you, I'm no diehard Joss Whedon fan, and I didn't have that much interest in La Femme Nikita when it was on the air, but something about this series really sets the hook in me, and it isn't just Eliza Dushku. Although Ms. Dushku is pretty damn awesome all by herself. (Inevitable question: So why haven't you seen Tru Calling yet? A: Shut up.)

Anyway, the most recent episodes and a first season recap are all online, and if you haven't watched them yet I highly recommend them. This is the first thing since House and the Nationals that's even remotely tempted me to plop myself down in front of a TV.
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