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LOL, what?:
"You pick up the paper, you hear things, and a lot of comments get started with, 'The worst team in baseball, the Washington Nationals.' And you know, we're not the worst team in baseball. Unfortunately you are whatever your record says you are, but we've got a good ballclub."

No, no, no...I'm sorry, I love this team, worthy successors to the old Senators that they are, but at 51-98 they are five games worse than the wretched Pirates, nine games worse than the hideously inept Royals, and nine games worse than the hated Orioles, who at least can blame everything on Peter Angelos and have some glimmerings of hope on the horizon to boot. I'm too lazy to crunch the numbers right now, but I'm pretty sure that the team isn't underperforming their Pythagorean Expected Wins, considering that the defense and pitching both suck horribly and the offense doesn't come anywhere near making up for those shortcomings. So while Riggleman might have been trying to boost the morale of his shell-shocked players, he picked a pathetic, laughable way to do it. The rest of us know he's being dumb in public.