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ups and downs

Got up after the morning leg squeezing and noticed that the Profore bandages taped to my leg had soaked through, which I was actually pleased to see and smell since it meant I could cut the damn things off, shower, and put on bandages that wouldn't force me to wear the Clown Shoes. About fifteen minutes of unwinding, cutting and peeling, I had them all off and hit the shower. Afterward, I had the fun of trying to assemble bandages out of the partial Profore pack I had and the last Allegro order, which arrived Thursday. This wound up being more of the same stuff I'd been doing before, with the addition of the first-layer bandage on the bottom, right next to the right leg wound. Said bandage is now burning like hell; the ibuprofen is taking the edge off, but it's still not fun and plays hell with my concentration besides. I'm tempted to just go back to bed and watch a movie or something.

Since I didn't have to wear the Clown Shoes, I put on normal shoes and went to drive to the bank for laundry money, but for some reason the Sportage didn't want to start. A delay of about 15 minutes ensued while road service was summoned; they appeared in a very timely manner and applied the jump start. After that the Sportage was fine, so I don't know wtf was going on there. Will probably do laundry this afternoon or tonight, depending on whether the pain in the leg goes away sooner or later; will also begin sorting books out and packing them in boxes so they can go to storage. I expect a lot of Dad's Wodehouse books will be going into storage; with the exception of the Jeeves & Wooster novels, I don't find them that funny, and I don't feel the need to have all the Bertie & Jeeves works on hand. I can better use the space for SF, I think.
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