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fixing some holes

Spent most of the afternoon at the VA vascular clinic having my leg wounds looked at by a couple of doctors, a nurse, and a medical student from GWU. No infection, fortunately, and they told me to start using the compression sleeves I was using in Minnesota again. Between this and the four-layer bandage they applied to my legs, they estimate I'll be healed up in a month and into Jobst compression stockings again. Booya. Going back next week for a follow-up. Have not decided yet whether driving to the VA hospital downtown (actually a block off North Capitol Street over by Catholic University and the National Shrine) is as big a pain in the ass as taking the Metro; it's for sure driving anywhere in these bandages, which don't fit into my shoes, is full of fail. I do have some strap-on clog thingies I got at the hospital, but those are about as handy as clown shoes and make driving an experience I want to avoid.

Still, P and I are going to get the Sportage out of hock tomorrow and unload the Subaru. I have the feeling I'm going to miss that slushbox.
Tags: domestic stuff, medical stuff
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