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mo' better salvage & ratting

I got tired of having Ospreys stuck on rocks and blown up by rats, so I bought another Ferox and fitted it out as a salvage boat. Basically, it has the same fit as the salvaging Ospreys I normally use but with some extra shield tanking and firepower. Speaking of which, jamestrainor will be glad to hear that I took the lasers off my ratting Ferox and went with more orthodox railguns. No sooner had I done this than I came across my first officer spawn - granted, it was a pretty cheap Dark Blood Apostle, but I'm not turning up my nose at a 7 million isk bounty.

Also, the mainstay of my ratting efforts is now a Raven sporting six cruise missile launchers, which can hang around out of laser range and blow even the top-end rats to scrap. But I did leave the two beam lasers in the first two high slots. :)