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time lag

This probably illustrates the benefit and problem with random walks through the Internet.

I was catching up on ADTRW, particularly on one of the image threads which has had some truly bizarre -but also truly entertaining- stuff in it, and the question of moe and how to define it came up. One of the answers led to the TV Tropes wiki, always a giant time sink, and one of the entries referenced there led me back to a sequence of Megatokyo strips that I'd completely forgotten about.

The series of strips that start with Ping "breaking the Junko", as the troper wrote, is one of the more intense arcs of the comic, and a good illustration of what Fred can do when he's on his game and not cranking out dumb omake arcs or handing things off to Shirt Guy Dom. Don't get me wrong, I find the SGD strips morbidly amusing, but it's really not what keeps me following Megatokyo. To the extent that I still do, anyway...lately I've had the feeling I should just dump the RSS link off my LJ and just wait for the next book to come out.
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