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picking up the pieces

P and I did dinner at a mediocre yupscale Chinese joint in Shirlington and went over to Fox Way after equipping ourselves at Staples. We took out the rest of the books we'd set aside on previous visits, along with some pix of my dad getting his first JCS Commendation from Admiral Moorer and my maternal grandparents. We probably would have tried to shift some of the furniture, but P's pickup is a little wet for that yet and I wanted Carlos' help with that anyway. Also, since we got a late start (all the walking around in the wet yesterday didn't do either of us a lot of good) we didn't have a storage space to put the furniture into anyway. For now the boxes are sitting in the back seat of the Subaru.

It's always a weird experience clearing stuff out of there. A lot of old memories come with the stuff, and it messes with my head. Also, every time I go there and see it as it is now, it reminds me that it's not home any more. Home was actually in Minnesota for a while, no matter how much I fought the idea or minimized it by saying "home is where I hang my helmet", but that's gone forever. Washington is where most of my friends and family are, and it's where I live now, but I'm starting to wonder if it's ever going to feel like home again.
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