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the autumn of our discontent

Well, my Dukes are in fifth again, because for a change the pitchers aren't sucking (farewell, R.A. Dickey, we knew too much of ye), but the Nationals seem doomed to at least 100 losses because with Nyjer Morgan on the DL, everybody in the outfield seems to have the defensive range of a three-tied sloth. Not that that matters so much, with Lannan and Mock so eager to feed their gophers while the Phillies are in town. Talk about mixed feelings: I have a number of Phillies on the Dukes roster, but at the same time I'd rather they didn't pulverize the Nats. Such is the life of a fantasy baseball manager, at least one who isn't a diehard homer. If I was, on the other hand, the Dukes would probably be lodged firmly in seventh place, so there you are.

Going to go off and meet fellow reactionary bloggers at the Army-Navy Club, after I find my tie and clean up a little. I'm going to try and avoid paying attention to the Nationals, except to pray half-heartedly for a rain out.
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