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Monthly report from the VA, and other stuff.

Still not dead.
Blood sugar continues to be low (125 this morning) but not in the green yet; blood pressure is pretty much where it has been, so they sent me home with a cuff and will be adding another little pill to the arsenal. Weight is down to 411, off 1 pound from last month. Honestly, I thought with all the disinterest in food I was experiencing during the week of sunburn I would have lost more than that, but I guess I wasn't doing much aside from sitting around, popping Tylenol, and whimpering, and none of those contributes much to weight loss. Well, plenty of time to work it before next month's appointment. In the meantime, I have appointments at the eye clinic (new glasses/sunglasses, maybe?) and the vascular clinic. The latter will be the first time I've seen a wound care specialist in almost a year, and I hope they have something constructive to tell me. In the meantime, I'm finally going to get a VA ID.

P has once again done her best to work herself to death, so we won't be moving anything today. Book and furniture shuffling has been punted to Saturday.

Fairfax County turned me down as a sub since I have zero classroom time, so I'll be going in next week to get processed as a sub instructional assistant. It's better than unemployment, and it'll count towards qualifying as a substitute. I wonder if Alexandria will do the same. In the meantime, I need to find some TB screening results.

Still no word from Don Beyer. Just as well; after paying rent for this month, I can't afford to get the Sportage out of hock anyway.
Tags: domestic stuff, family drama, medical stuff, work
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