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This Version Did (Not) Suck

So tonight I went downtown to the Japanese Embassy's Cultural Center to see Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone.

Given that I only saw the first four episodes of NGE on VHS tapes about a decade ago, it's entirely possible that a lot of the subtle changes from the series to the movie escaped me. I expect even more things to slide by me when I see the next two movies, since the remainder of my NGE knowledge comes from various AMVs and the last half hour of End of Evangelion. I think. Anyway, this version features some improved characters, the main one being Shinji Ikari, who is much less of a whiny emotard than I remember him being. Rei is still fey and yet robotic at the same time, but Misato appears to be much less of a drunk and much more of the mother/caring senior officer that Shinji so badly needs, because as we all know, Gendo is one cold-blooded pimp motherfucker. That hasn't changed.

So it was $8 in parking money well spent. I was worried that the tickets would run out before I got there, but strangely enough the auditorium was only 3/4 full, if that. I don't know what the deal is - the JICC is convenient to a couple of Metro stations, and it was free. Surely everyone couldn't have seen it at Otakon.

Tomorrow, my monthly diabetes checkup with Dr. B, possible book shifting at the old homestead, and hanging out with fellow Right Wing Death Beasts downtown when the evening rolls around.
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