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a wasted Tuesday

Went to bed last night around midnight, planning to get a decent night's sleep and wake at a decent hour, but couldn't sleep. Wound up reading Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium until about 0300 and sleeping in until 1330. Not much, if anything, accomplished as a result. I'll probably run the dishwasher and bag up some garbage, but that'll be the extent of my productivity today.

It's funny...my glucose numbers in the "morning" are dropping, trending down from the 180/190 range they were in for most of last month and hitting 140 this afternoon when I got up. As I observed to digex and others in our little band of weight-conscious folk, my drug dosages haven't changed since August 10, so unless something has happened to turbocharge my liver I must have lost some weight. I'll find out for sure Thursday when I see the doc. In the meantime I need to stop scratching the vast wastelands of peeling skin; the leg wounds are hurting a little, I feel tired, and neither is a good sign.

It's been raining the last couple of days with highs in the mid/low 70s, so I shut the A/C off. This should help with the electric bill.
Tags: domestic stuff, medical stuff
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