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not ready for the big ships really

Spent a lot of time futzing around today with a ratting Typhoon, which has a couple of pulse lasers, two energy drains, and three cruise missile launchers, but nonetheless doesn't put out enough firepower to burn NPC rat battle ships before all the armor melts. More skills and better gear would seem to be the answer. Aside from that, I've been making a fair amount of isk cranking out missiles and projectile ammo which I sell at non-fuckgoons prices. It's a living.

It's getting better every day, to quote the old Tesla song, even if my chest and upper arms looked like red Naugahyde this morning. Drank a lot of water, ate a lot of Tylenol, avoided the blue goo because I really don't need the lidocaine and I'm tired of cleaning the blue remnants of it off my skin. I should be able to get through tomorrow's interview without whimpering.

Aside from that, I did dinner with P at Ye Chon (someday she'll actually order something Korean of the menu) and let her drive the Legacy through the hills. She was even less impressed with it than I was, which is saying something, although she thought it accelerated okay. We both agree that the Kia Optima is better. I dropped her off at her place, hit the Ashburn Harris Teeter for a pit stop and grocery resupply, and went home via 28 and 66. And so to bed.
Tags: eve, family drama, medical stuff
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