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progress reports, or lack thereof

The Sportage isn't ready yet, and probably won't be until Wednesday or Thursday.

I'm registered for the October Foreign Service Exam, which for better or worse is right down the road from the Ye Chon. Going to brush up on my math a bit; sinec I've been immersing myself in foreign affairs these last two decades I don't see a lot of point in boning up on that.

Sunburns still hurt, and I suspect the burns are doing ugly things to my blood sugar levels since they zoomed up to 298 this morning after being pretty good all weekend. The VA advice line basically said they don't want to hear from me about it unless it goes over 300, so I guess I'm okay by their lights.

Most of my friends on Facebook are going "OMG IT'S THE END TIMES" over the Disney/Marvel deal. Personally, I could care less. chebutykin has what may be the most rational response to the whole thing; she thinks it'll be a good thing for both parties and perhaps for the comics industry as a whole. Implied in this is that the American entertainment industry may be moving toward a more Japanese model, where aspiring artists create comics which then become movies if they're really successful.

In spite of the sunburn, I am heading over to College Park shortly to assist therevdrnye with moving. Because this is what friends do.
Tags: domestic stuff, friends, medical stuff, the bush of fandom, work
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