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good morning Washington

Up at 0530, sucking down coffee and reading the comics. Thought I went to bed too late to get up this early, but I guess I was wrong.

Returned the USB cable to Staples last night and indulged in a Five Guys burger for dinner. I think the key to a perfect FG bacon cheeseburger is to avoid the veggies and the condiments, and just go with the grilled onions.

Today, the plan is laundry, getting the Kia inspected, and fixing any problems that keep it from passing. Hopefully this will all come in around $200 or less, since Wells remembered where I lived and called about the truck payment. They only wanted $98, which was weird, kind of doable, but still leaves me stretched pretty thin.

So Teddy the Pretender is finally dead, providing more support for the notion that only the good die young. The notion that Teddy Kennedy was a hero to the left speaks volumes about the Evil Party: the man was guilty of manslaughter at best and treason at worst. Comparing him to his older brothers is to do both JFK and RFK a disservice. In contrast to John and Robert, he leaves behind a legacy of petty political thuggery and treachery, and I for one am not sorry to see him gone. He is a perfect illustration of why our Republic has generally been averse to encouraging "great political families", and as R. Emmett Tyrell once famously remarked, we would all have been better off if he had followed his true calling and become a publican in Southie.

Speak no evil of the dead? When this one did so much evil in his lifetime? Sod that. The harsh truth serves us all better, and leaves our consciences cleaner for not having lied.
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