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oh hello Monday

Even though I was arguably awake most of Sunday, it feels like the day vanished without ever really being there because I went to bed at 1800 Sunday night and kind of micro-napped through the game besides. (Nats thrashed the Brewers 8-3, if anyone cares.) Had a disjointed conversation with my brother yesterday, mostly about the house, which is at this point just waiting for the courts to finish grinding their way through the foreclosure paperwork; bottom line is that he has almost all of his stuff out of there and is just reminding me (and P) that we need to finish getting what we want out of there and maybe help him with some of the furniture, which is big solid Ethan Allen stuff that would be a shame to lose.

Today's agenda will include getting laundry done, filling out the VEC form online, seeing if the USB cable I got at Staples solves the printer's problem, and the usual dispatch of resumes hither and yon. Probably some internet spaceships, too.
Tags: baseball, domestic stuff, family drama, work
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