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slosh op (no drinking allowed)

Well, I was going to hang around NOL and get stuff blown up while ratting, but thaadd talked me into going along with the rest of Zeta Squad -a bunch of ex-SpecOps orphans who wound up forming the core of Offensive Logistics- on a slosh op. Now, for those who aren't familiar with the term, it involves going out in disposable ships to drink, chatter at your fellow gang members, kill stuff, and drink. Well, obviously I wasn't drinking, but it was fun anyway. I lost a couple of Rifters doing tackling stuff, which was kind of fun, and got to know the people in Zeta better. Let the record show that I actually got a point on somebody for the first time in my 2+ years in Goonfleet, and we killed them, too, and so I wound up on a couple of legit killmails.

After getting podded in the second Rifter loss I decided to stay home in NOL (actually next door in HN) and rat, but mostly I managed to lose a Moa, a Stabber, a Caracal and a Bellicose to rats, since here in Delve the security state is always -1.0, and that means either half a dozen cruisers or a pair of battleships with cruiser escorts, or a trio of battleships with matching frigates...yeah, not easy to rat in cruisers around there, but it can be done. In fact, the only reason I lost the first Bellicose was that I wasn't being careful and got it wedged up against an asteroid and so couldn't warp out. :(

Damn, I love this game even though I'm not actually all that good at it. :)
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