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Too much decompression?

I slept in until nearly noon yesterday, then frittered away the afternoon reading and playing C2P2. Wound up doing nothing of any consequence Monday night except for cleaning out the mailbox, picking up apazines for myself and the Brothers Cummer, and doing some minimal shopping, mostly for meat and milk.

Could not get to sleep last night. I wound up copying AMVs from the room party kit's hard drive to Cowzilla and then watching them, which didn't really help and in one case actually aggravated matters. Kevin Caldwell's "Engel", a character study of Asuka Soryu-Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion set to the Rammstein song by the same name, is very good, extremely disturbing and should not be watched before bedtime. (I may have to break down and watch the rest of NGE after all.)

So here I am at work, not focusing well, and thinking that maybe some coffee might help. Maybe.
It had better; I have to finish the end-of-month balancing today.
Tags: anime, domestic stuff, friends, stippleapa
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