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You know you're old when...

...the heat kicks your ass all by itself. Thank God my niece Val is easily bribed with anime; I think hauling those seven boxes of books, magazines and some wargames out to the Kia -to say nothing of from the Kia to my apartment- would have messed me up but good. Especially since it's about nine million degrees out there right now...okay, maybe just 93, but that's still too damn hot to be carrying stuff around in the heat at my age & weight. (I brought a couple of small ones in, actually.)

I'd forgotten I had a lot of these books. I knew I had a buttload of Mack Bolan and Edge pulps, and finding the E.E. "Doc" Smith paperbacks was no surprise either, but there's a lot more Ellison in there than I remember buying. and did I really buy all those Barry Sadler books back then? Whoa.

Had to leave a lot of stuff behind. There were a lot of Reader's Digest Condensed Book collections, Time-Life Books series by the cartload (most of which are horribly obsolete by now) and a lot of my Dad's mysteries that I didn't care for. (My tastes in mysteries were limited to Nero Wolfe and Sherlock Holmes; Dad had more eclectic tastes in that department.) There's also a lot of college textbooks, ditto. I reckon one last trip to get the remaining books and games next week ought to do it.
Tags: back in the day, books, family drama
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