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failbox is still fail...

...and I'm out one battlecruiser because of it. :(

So I went out to Ashburn, hoping that whatever P had done to the Failbox had succeeded in changing it back to a Winbox, played EVE for an hour with the Winamp going - and it went splat. When I logged back in, the rats I was shooting had respawned. A minute later the new frigates warp scrambled or neuted me so I couldn't warp out, and the battleships roasted my laser-equipped Ferox to a crackly crunch. Fsck. Next step was to unplug the internets, play a meaningless game of Civ, again with some Winamp. Once again the box locked up after an hour. So obviously there's some level of load on one of the systems somewhere that's locking it up, and P is bound and determined to find it - either that or she'll just pack the SATA drives into a Shuttle box she has laying around and send me home with that next week. Whatever; I just want something that works.
Tags: eve, tech stuff
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