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Still not dead.

Since last month's appointment, I've lost three pounds. Unfortunately the blood sugar is still not where it should be, so the insulin dose goes up a little, and I'm going to make more of an effort to keep the carbs out of my piehole. BP is also a touch higher than the doctor likes it, so those meds get tweaked up too.

My doctor also referred me to the vascular clinic downtown so they can take a gander at my leg wounds, and I figured while I was doing that I might as well schedule the annual visit to the eye clinic she wanted me to do back in April. It's also possible I might get a new set of Jobst compression stockings, which Kaiser was too cheap to shell out for. Apparently the VA buys shitloads of those (surprise, surprise) and I'm kicking myself for not asking about them before.

So, some good news, some bad news.