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Demons (two different ones)

So, yeah, out until damn near midnight running memtest on the Failbox, refueling the Sportage, and then coming home to set up Cowzilla in the office/storage locker/living room again. Today has mostly been spent sleeping late and farting around on the internet.

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I'd picked up Julie Kenner's Demon Hunting Soccer Mom books, which don't actually have much in common with the Buffyverse. Carpe Demon was interesting and kind of fun anyway, since unlike Buffy our heroine doesn't have a backup gang of merely human helpers, just a sidekick neighbor, a senile ex-Hunter that she's passing off as her first husband's grandfather, and her contact with the Church's Forza Scura. It's brain candy, although hella better written than the last Buffy novel I read about five-six years ago.

I've been re-reading Jack Vance's Demon Princes novels, starting with The Killing Machine and moving on to The Palace of Love, which I finished today. These really ought to be re-done as anime. The basic plot of a lone man exacting revenge on the five deadliest criminal kingpins of the Beyond is something that would resonate powerfully with the Japanese just as it would with the American viewing public, which has long had a taste for Lone Justice. Heck, Bruce Willis has built an entire career on that archetype, and in his younger days would have made a great Kirth Gersen. All this is by way of saying that after 45 years, these books are still awesome.
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