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Well, let's see what happens when we do THIS.

Looks like the Failbox is going to spend the weekend and a good part of next week at P's place, getting its memory and hard drives put through the wringer. P suspects that the E: drive, one of the two Samsung 320GB SATA drives and the one that Failbox boots off of, may be faulty, and so far it's looking like a distinct possibility since the memory test (which doesn't need the hard drives) ran for over an hour without the box locking up as it usually does. So we'll see what happens. If she's right, I'll have to reinstall all the programs I stuck on there (like, for example, Office, EVE, Pidgeon, Firefox...) but at least the damn machine will run the way it's supposed to. Finally.

Before we got around to futzing with the hardware, we dined on a most excellent batch of chili, based partially on some chili peppers Mom gave Melody a couple years back. How great was it? Zod would have knelt before it, that's how awesome it was. I hereby recant my previous opposition to using beer in the chili, because this batch turned out really really well. :)
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