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search mode changes and goony behavior

Not much to say about this week, really. Sent my resume to a number of local private schools, one of which actually replied with a "thanks, but not now" letter. It's more than I usually get, so I'm more happy with the Paul VI Catholic High School than I normally would. :)

In other work of the day, I ordered more bandages and tape, ate lunch, and caught up on the news. Just another day at the Wombat's burrow.

I'm in the process of moving my stuff from the NPC stations where it all got left in the early stages of Second Delve to the main base of Goonswarm Offensive Logistics, NOL. NOL used to be the capital of Band of Brothers when this was their space, and the irony is appreciated. I've also been accepted as a member of GSOL, which is also ironic since thaadd, who talked me into it, is taking a vacation from logistics work on account of the directors being dithery fuggheads about the reimbursement program that had been talked about for several months and a couple of CEOs.

Meanwhile, aside from moving stuff, I'm taking the time to do some ratting, which raises some cash and also allows me to get back in practice. Haven't played since March, after all.

Right now I'm going to hit the shower and get ready to roll out to Ashburn; P was talking about cooking some chili tonight, and I'm contributing the cheap ground beef. I also want to get out there before the rush hour starts, because driving out that way during the rush sucks.
Tags: eve, family drama, work
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