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I don't think she's being nearly snotty enough, tbqh

Megan McArdle tees off on Ezra Klein, wunderkind of the Juice Box Mafia that seems to be making a (weak) case for being the Vicious Circle of the 21st century.

It's a weak case, because instead of being witty, knowledgeable men and women of the world with something interesting to say, the Juice Box Mafia are a bunch of over-educated, ignorant yentas who think they know it all and would be only too happy to school us ignorant rubes on the way the world ought to be. You know, the "best and the brightest", version 2.0, only without the World War II experience - or any damn experience, really. Perhaps worst of all, these thimblewits show zero intellectual curiosity and seem to be of the opinion that anything they don't know isn't worth knowing, which in 21st Century America is a dangerous delusion, especially if you're in the business of opining in public. They may consider the term a badge of honor, but that just supplies further proof of what idiots these people are.

So, no, Megan, you weren't too snotty. I'd say you weren't snotty enough by half. They deserve all the mockery and ridicule the market can bear, and then some. Too much ought to be just about right for those people.
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