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That was the Valleycon that was

I'm not going to post much about the con right now because we just got back a couple hours ago, I'm pissed that I forgot the DVDs I needed to return to Video Universe at the hotel, and the coffee is rapidly wearing off. I will say that it was much more a media and gamer con than any of the cons I've been to in the Minneapolis/Cedar Rapids/Des Moines areas and maybe even the conventions I remember from the Washington area when I was a (relatively) wee neo. That's not the slam it appears to be - I'll get to the detailed criticisms in a later post, by which time I'll hopefully have heard back from the hotel about those DVDs.

Drive up sucked because we got caught in rush hour on 169 and 94 up through Albertville, mostly stupid bakas whose brains dissolved in the rain and clog up my freeways. I would have given my left nut for a roof-mounted disintegrator, I swear to God. Drive back was orders of magnitude better; left Fargo ~5:30 and were back in the Twin Towns around 10 after a couple of stops for gas, coffee, and more coffee. And now it is time for me to fall over and crash.
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