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oh, so that's how it works

Out driving with P after dinner last night and when we stopped at Sheetz I found there was apparently no oil in the engine (dry dipstick). So I went in and paid way too much for a couple of quarts of 5W-20 and 5W-30, which is not quite what the manual calls for (10W-40) but evidently this is the new recommended viscosity for getting 1% extra mileage from your gas, so w/e...speaking of the manual, it is apparently lost in the pile of stuff in the back seat, so I had to download a copy into Cowzilla today and page through it looking for important information like recommended oil viscosity, tire pressure, etc. Learned while doing this that the steering column actually is adjustable, and applied this knowledge before heading off to get dinner tonight. Who knew?

Aside from that, did a lot of nothing today. Fired off a bunch of resumes to various jobs on CareerBuilder, but since 90% of the jobs around here just got to have Deltek I don't expect much. Went out for a steak sub at Marino's and am now going to veg out and listen to the Nats while re-reading When The Devil Dances, because I'm a masochist.

Tomorrow I'll spend some quality time hacking on my apazine and the cover...am undecided whether to do a collage of stuff from ADTRW (if I can find enough SFW images) or something else.
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