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A quiz about conventions

Ganked from rinnytintinny on Facebook.
It made me think for a minute about how much time I've spent at conventions and/or working on them.

I've made some changes to this since LJ is easier to format text in.
Conventions that I've volunteered at are in italics, if I ran room parties they're underlined, ones where I've been on staff are in bold.


1. How many times have you been to a convention?
I don't really remember. More than 30, I'm pretty sure.

2. Do you sleep at conventions?
Yes. Definitely not enough.

3. Do you eat?
Yes. Probably too much.

4. Are you shameless at conventions?

5. On average, how much money do you spend?
Between travel, hotel costs, food and registration, I'm usually out ~$350 for the weekend. Less for conventions like Arcana, Diversicon, and some others where I either didn't take a room or didn't have to pay for one.

6. Do you go to conventions to pick up people?
Haha, no. (Happened once anyway.)

7. Do you go to conventions to bang people?
No. (Happened twice anyway.)

8. How much cellulite do you see when you go to conventions?
It depends. Less at anime conventions, more at SF conventions because they skew older.

9. Do you cosplay?

10. Does your cosplay show a lot of skin?

11. Is your cosplay the epitome of badassery?

12. Do you wait in line for things...ie; hentai fest, yaoi fest, autographs, ceremonies?

13. How many friends have you met from conventions?
Dozens. There's hundreds of people who know me, but not the reverse.

14. Have you ever been drunk at a convention?

15. Name your conventions:
Discon II (Worldcon) 1974
Disclave 1975, 76, 77, 78, 86
Balticon 76, 77, 78, 83, 08, 09
Unicon 76, 77, 78
August Party 76, 77, 78
Pghlange 78
Intervention Alpha 1979
Westercon 1979
Constellation (Worldcon) 1983
Maxicon 1984, 2004, 2005, 2006
Minicon 2005
Diversicon 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Anime Iowa 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Arcana 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Convergence 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Anime Detour 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Valleycon 2005
Sogencon 2005
Katsucon 2008, 2009
AnimeUSA 2008

16. Do you go to conventions alone or with a bunch of people?
You know, when I sleep alone, I prefer to be by myself

17. Get your own room or mooch off of someone?
Own room. I might split it with one of my kids.

18. Ever partied hard with a voice actor?
Been up all night with Greg Ayres, and if that doesn't count I might as well quit. :)

19. Taken a picture with Silent Bob?

20. Jay too?

21. Gotten home to find out you've lost weight from walking around so DAMN much?
Yeah, actually

22. Hugged random people?
I don't do huggee.

23. Kissed random people?
Hell, no.

24. Stalked someone who was cosplaying your favorite bishi character?
Bwaaah. Wombat straight!

25. Gotten a g/f or b/f out of a convention?
Got a wife out of one of them, yeah.

26. Hooked up with someone?

27. Tell the truth now... seriously.
Yeah, really.

28. Had a temporary convention love that ended by Monday morning?
No. Love ain't like that.

29. Raved until you fell over?
No, by the time raves came along I was in no shape for that.

30. Flirted with a dealer to get a discount?
Yeah, right.

31. Taken pictures of people?

32. Had your picture taken?

33. Gone to a photo shoot?

34. Planned a photo shoot?

35. Been stalked?
If so, they were terribly discreet.

36. Been annoyed by someone?
Of course. It comes with being on staff.

37. Done the annoying?
On occasion. Poke me and I'll poke right back.

38. Had fun at a convention?
Usually. Nobody escapes post-con depression, though.

39. Had such a miserable time you wanted to leave but didn't?
No, I don't think it's ever been that bad.

40. Gotten in a fight?

41. Tried to stage a fight?

42. Success?

43. Freaked out when you saw one of your most favorite characters?
No. (Dull sort, aren't I?)

44. Someone freaked out when they saw your cosplay?

45. Hung out with random people that you'd just met?

46. Reunited with a friend?

47. Broken off with a friend?
Yes. We made up later. I think.

48. Cried at a convention?
I will neither confirm nor deny this. ~_^

49. Saved trash from stuff you bought?

50. Eaten ramen and drunk ramune like they were air?
No. I prefer real food, thanks, and ramune would probably kill me anyway.

51. Slept in the same bed as someone you've only known a few hours?

52. Made any money?
Not for myself.

53. Made someone else money?
Oh, yes.

54. Volunteered?
And staffed.

55. Sick of this survey?
Not really.

56. Okay...last question. Favorite convention you've ever been to?
For different reasons, Arcana and Anime Detour.

I don't tag people, but I am curious about my friends' experiences, especially oldermore experienced fans like badger2305, materia_indigo, chebutykin, qob...you know who you are, people.
Tags: anime detour, anime iowa, anime usa, arcana, back in the day, balticon, katsucon
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